RedAwning Gives Back to Local Non-Profits

Who Conserve Land, Preserve Parks & Manage Recreational Activities in a Sustainable Manner

RedAwning applauds and supports the efforts of non-profits that protect at-risk natural landscapes and recreational access for residents and visitors alike. We realize the impact of growth on local land, and the impending impacts of climate change and we are committed to working with local non-profits to support initiatives that mitigate these impacts.  Join us on this mission!

RedAwning Donates $5.00 per booking to organizations whose mission it is to preserve, conserve or protect the land in their region.

If you are an owner or manager of a short-term rental in a region where we have partnerships, your bookings will contribute to the sustained beauty and preservation of the natural land and parks where your homes reside.

Donations from your guest bookings will support the efforts of organizations that are working to keep the environment sustainable and healthy while minimizing the impact of growth and climate change, preserving the destination’s beauty for years to come for residents and visitors alike.

If you are a non-profit organization that would like to partner with us or know of one that we should consider working with, please contact us. We work with local partners who share our mission to become more involved in the preservation of land and resources in regions that we serve.