Some Property Managers Are Getting Up To 1700% More Bookings Than You

On the Free Cancel Program


The Free Cancel Program is a marketing strategy launched over a year ago for RedAwning property managers. Quite simply, you offer your guests the chance to cancel their bookings for free, with no penalty, as long as they are canceling within a selected amount of time prior to their check-in dates. RedAwning data shows that property owners and managers who offered properties with more consumer-friendly cancellation policies, such as Free Cancel until 42, 30 or 14 days, had higher conversion rates and more bookings than those with stricter policies.

Free Cancel Results & Why You Should Join

The results are fantastic.

Property Managers all over the country have participated in this initiative and we’ve been monitoring this data region by region. For example, SoCal Desert Managers on the Free Cancel until 42 policy saw 1700% more bookings than managers with no free cancel policy. Managers on Free Until 60 days saw 488% more bookings. In Austin, Texas Property Managers who offered Free Cancel until 42 saw 1500% more bookings and Phoenix Arizona Managers saw an 1100% increase.

The holiday season is coming up fast and you’re in a great position to get the best conversion rates this Winter if you make your listing more appealing to vacation rentals seekers now. It is strongly advised that you to consider implementing a free cancel policy.

Why does “Free Cancel” work?

When guests are booking on the major online travel websites like and Expedia, they expect a hotel-like booking experience. Travelers are more likely to convert a booking if they perceive the cancellation policy to be more in their favor.

Was there a higher cancellation rate as a result?

The short answer is yes and no. With significantly more bookings the cancellation rate rose, but the net bookings were still higher than before the policy was implemented. Bookings go up, while at the same time, cancellation rates stay relatively stable. It’s a win-win, for property owners and managers.


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