Nashville Vacation Rental Market Report

15.2 MILLION Visitors
$6.5 BILLION in Tourism Generated Revenue

Vacation Rental Report for Nashville, TN

Increase Your Market Share With Industry Insights

No One Puts Nashville In The Corner

Over the past five years, accommodation demand in Nashville has grown faster than any other Top 30 U.S. city, despite the state’s spiritless attempts to tighten up city vacation rental ordinances. Demand for vacation rentals, corporate housing, and furnished aparthotels is gaining traction on that of hotels and has begun significantly impacting the hotel industry with 7.5k active vacation rental units currently being listed on the major OTAs. 

Nashville’s central business district (CBD) is burgeoning with major corporations, including Amazon and finance companies Alliance Bernstein and EY, beginning to open major offices downtown.  So don’t miss out, download the report to learn more and find out which OTAs get the most bookings an more!

The best part? In 2013, Nashville’s central business district (CBD) sold 2.1M nights. By 2018, demand had swelled to 3.2M nights, growing 55% over the five-year period. Many of these music-city bound travelers are looking for alternative accommodations just like yours. Which poses the question: Are your Nashville vacation rentals earning up to their full potential?


Insights You Will Gain From This Report Include:

  • Are you charging enough for your Nashville vacation rentals?

  • Which OTAs will get your listings the highest conversions?

  • What can you do to get your share of this market right away?

  • Is it worth investing in additional inventory in Nashville?

  • How are vacation rentals thriving in the current regulatory climate?

  • How early are guests booking their accommodations? Is your calendar updated far enough in advance?

  • How much do occupancy rates vary year to year? What can you expect?

  • What minimum and maximum stay windows should you be offering?

  • How can free cancellation policies boost your bookings?

  • Traveler Profile Breakdowns