Austin, TX Vacation Rental Market Report

30 Million Visitors
$8.7 Billion in Tourism Generated Revenue
One of the Most Profitable US Cities For Vacation Rental Managers

Vacation Rental Report for Austin, TX

Increase Your Market Share With Industry Insights

Tourism Generated Revenue Adds Great Value to Local Economy 

Travel contributed $8.7B to the local economy and created 70K jobs in Austin in 2018.  See the economic impact of travel in Austin between 1994 and 2018.

Demand Is Outpacing Supply

Airbnb alone reported 482K guest arrivals in Austin in 2018, an impressive 48% growth rate since 2016. Occupancy rates, ADR and RevPar see continued growth, creating an incredibly lucrative market for vacation rental managers and owners in which demand exceeds supply YOY. Every vacation rental manager’s dream come true.  Compare Growth and Revenue Rates of Hotels vs. Vacation Rentals.

Austin: The Apart-Hotel Capital Of Texas?

Austin ordinances allow apartment buildings to license up to a quarter of their units as VRs or short-term rentals. Even apartment complexes where short-term renting has traditionally been disallowed by lease provisions are starting to loosen rental provisions.  See Accommodation Growth to Demand Ratios in Austin.

Investors Take Note of Impressive Austin Vacation Rental Market ranks Austin as the 9th most profitable place to own an Airbnb-type rental. Austin’s event focus, coupled with the burgeoning business climate, has created a year-round market, with a non-stop flow of people keeping occupancy levels fairly high every season.  Are your cap rates meeting the industry norm? 


Insights You Will Gain From This Report Include:

  • Vacation rental travel profile breakdowns

  • Cap rate potential for vacation rental and aparthotel managers

  • Which OTAs will get your listings the highest conversions?

  • What can you do to get your share of this market right away?

  • Is it worth investing in additional inventory in Austin?

  • How are vacation rentals thriving in the current regulatory climate?

  • Current regulations in Austin

  • How early are guests booking their accommodations? Is your calendar updated far enough in advance?

  • How much have occupancy rates varied YOY? What can you expect?

  • How travel has impacted the local economy in Austin