Vacation Rental Industry Trends

Dive into Vacation Rental Market Trends and Industry Insights

The right market data can increase your market share, strengthen your marketing approach and sharpen your competitive edge. Our team of experts aggregates relevant industry data from various funnels to bring you the most cohesive vacation rental reports on the web, designed to equip you with all you need to know about your market or region.

Our Vacation Rental Reports Include Information On:

  • Growth comparison rates on various accommodation types
  • Visitor volume and spending  
  • Average length of stay for guests of vacation rentals
  • Seasonal travel trends in your market
  • Popular booking windows
  • Visitor growth projections
  • Key revenue drivers
  • Broadest OTA portfolios per region
  • Occupancy and ADR rates on hotels vs. vacation rentals
  • Visitor origins and demographics

Vacation Rental Report
for Austin, TX

Travel contributed $8.7B to the local economy and created 70K jobs in Austin in 2018.  See the economic impact of travel in Austin between 1994 and 2018.

Vacation Rental Report for Beach Towns

Vacation Rental Report
for Lower Atlantic Beach Towns

RedAwning’s lower Atlantic beach town clients have seen average monthly revenues grow nearly 40% year over year in 2019. Use the market insights in this report to optimize your business model.

Vacation Rental Report
for Boston, Cambridge

Boston saw 23 Million Visitors in 2019 and $2.7Billion in visitor spending.  RedAwning Listings outperformed the regional average by 64%.  Learn the secrets to outpacing the competition.

Vacation Rental Report
for Broward County, FL

Broward-based RedAwning partners saw a 186% YOY increase in bookings, with a bookings index (how properties perform versus the Florida average) increase of 532%.

Vacation Rental Report
for Florida Keys

Development of additional hotel rooms on the island is prohibited by a Rate of Growth Ordinance. The combination of strong demand & capped supply has allowed Key West to become the highest RevPAR market in the country.

Vacation Rental Report
for Florida Panhandle

Occupancy levels in Florida’s Emerald Coast market averaged almost 60% in 2018 and continues to grow YoY. Use the market report to compare Florida’s RevPar to the national average.

Vacation Rental Report
for Galveston, TX

Galveston short-term rentals raked in $8M in November 2019, while those on RedAwning’s short-term marketing, reservations and hospitality solution, saw their bookings grow 8X from October 2018.

Maui Short Term Rental Market

Vacation Rental Report
for Maui, HI

In 2018, Maui saw 3 billion visitors and 5 billion in tourism-generated revenue. This year, Maui tourists have increased their spending to an average daily of 15M, and the year isn’t over yet.

Vacation Rental Report
for Nashville, TN

In 2013, Nashville’s central business district (CBD) sold 2.1M nights. By 2018, demand swelled to 3.2M nights, growing 55% in 5 years. With more travelers looking for accommodations like yours.

Vacation Rental Report
for New York City, NY

From 2014 to 2018, the booking value of hotels showed a modest combined annual growth rate of 3% while short-term rentals had a CAGR of 12%, from $64B to $101B

Palm Springs Market Report

Vacation Rental Report
for Palm Springs, CA

In 2017, Coachella Valley and Greater Palm Springs saw nearly 19 million visitors and over $6 billion in tourism-generated revenue, with preliminary data promising impressive continued growth.

Vacation Rental Report
for Truckee, CA

Truckee-Based RedAwning Partners Saw 88% Booking Increase YOY in 2019, see how we can help you grow your revenue and outpace your competition.