Maximize Bookings with Google Ads

By Jade Shojaee

Marketing your vacation rental properties and websites on Google is a great way to grow your business, attract new customers and establish your online brand. And, take it from us, it sounds more daunting than it is. Building and optimizing Google Ads campaigns can be simpler than you may think.

What’s a Google Ad Campaign?
Every time you enter a search on Google, the search engine combs the internet for the most relevant information given the keywords you use to run your search. Search engines use words and phrases to understand what a web page is about in order to effectively direct browsers. When you search “TripAdvisor vacation rentals” Google’s search engine looks for relevant pages that include phrases similar to “TripAdvisor vacation rentals.” That is called an organic search.

Organic searches are important, but you can triple their potency by bidding on important keywords and phrases through a pay-per-click campaign with Google Ads. You can tailor ads for specific keyword groups that are relevant to your potential customers and reach them at key moments in their buying process. With relevant ads and proper bidding, you can rank above organic searches and stand out much more than with organic results alone.

Susan Blizzard, the President and co-founder of Blizzard Internet Marketing, a RedAwning Brand, is no stranger to the tricks of the internet trade and, in today’s online search driven market, is there any other kind? A BA from Duke University, an MBA from Columbia Business School, 5 years working on “Wall Street” as an investment banker and 20 years running a successful internet marketing business have made quite the maven of Susan who gives a fantastic breakdown of what it takes to optimize your Google Ads campaigns to get more bookings simply and effectively.

In this webinar, Susan overviews the many ways you can increase your search rankings, common mistakes to avoid when running your Google Ads, the difference between search and display ads, how to run remarketing ads, and more!

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