Under the Awning Webinar Series

Please Join Tim Choate and the RedAwning Leadership Team for this informal and informative opportunity for Property Managers, Property Owners, and our Affiliates. The intent of our Under the Awning Webinar Series is to provide you with more ways to get ahead in the vacation rental business. We plan to discuss a wide variety of topics related to our industry, our Global Distribution services, new Smart Technologies, Digital Marketing Strategies, and so much more!

Since this is such a dynamic industry, RedAwning strives to be the leader you need, we may adjust the topics to ensure we are keeping you informed of the latest trends and news. Here are some of our upcoming events, be sure to sign up in advance to secure your spot. Note, all webinars will be recorded in case you can’t make it.


DATE: TBD | 11 AM to 12 PM PST

Past Under the Awning Webinar Episodes

Easy Ways To Make More Money On Your Vacation Rental

Make Your Vacation Rental Pay For Itself in Bookings with The RedAwning Owner Program

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to step up your property marketing game & get more exposure in the online travel space
  • Benefits of working with RedAwning including complimentary photography, in-home Alexa for
  • Hospitality devices, and listing optimization services
  • How RedAwning’s dynamic pricing strategies for setting (and adjusting) nightly rates are helping owners increase their earning by up to 30%
  • How working with one of our legendary Owner Success team members can make renting your second home safe and hassle free
  • Find out if you qualify to become a RedAwning Platinum owner
  • How our pricing & commissions model works
  • How RedAwning helps owners get more 5-star reviews by providing 24/7 guest services for guests
  • The most strategic cancellation policies proven to increase conversion ratios
  • What is involved in the onboarding process for new owners + how long it takes to get your listings up, running and generating revenue
Annie Guo RedAwning

Rank Higher in Search Results on Every Major Online Travel Website

The Secret to More Bookings on Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, and HomeAway

What you’ll learn:

  • How to update all your listing content via one PMS feed 
  • How we get you more bookings by increasing your content score
  • Get 65% more views with strategically-crafted property titles and descriptions
  • Photo resolution and size requirements on every channel 
  • How RedAwning leverages tagging tactics to get your listings in front of serious bookers
  • Identify high-converting images you should be featuring on your listing
  • What your RedAwning account manager can do to maximize your content scores 
  • How and why to take advantage of promotion opportunities

How The Right Cancellation Policy Can Get You More Bookings

Does Higher Risk = Higher Reward?

During this webinar we will uncover: 

  • Do more lenient cancellation policies really get you more bookings? 
  • Will the increase in bookings from a more guest-friendly cancellation policy pay for the increase in owner payments outside of the contracted cancellation policies? 
  • Is it worth bridging the gap between owner contracts and the desire to be more guest friendly on Airbnb?
  • What is the median time between guest-initiated cancellation and booking check-in date by Cancellation Policy type and how can this help us pick the best cancellation policy for our benefit? 

Double Your Bookings With The RedAwning Platinum Owner Program

RedAwning Vacation Rental Owners Are Increasing Their Earnings By 30%

New technology, increasing supply and the indestructible popularity of online travel agencies have changed the tactics vacation rental owners must deploy to stay competitive. RedAwning’s Platinum Owner Program is leading the way for North America-based homeowners looking for effective and cutting edge ways to stand out among the competition, maximize conversions and get the most out of every booking.

Join Heidie Henriksen for insight into how RedAwning’s complete marketing and hospitality services helped owners beat their revenue goals by up to 479% in 2019 and how we can help you hit the ground running in 2020. 

Tim Choate RedAwning

Achieve Your Full Earning Potential: An All-In-One Solution

How RedAwning Plans to Propel You Into The Next Decade with Scalable Marketing, Reservations + Hospitality Solutions

    2019 was a huge year for vacation rental managers as short-term rental demand and supply reached all time heights in travel destinations across the country. However, with unprecedented growth arise new challenges and RedAwning is gearing up to tackle those challenges with full-fledged force ahead.

    Get a sneak peek into our newest rollouts during our year-end webinar on December 17 presented by RedAwning CEO and Founder, Tim Choate during which you will find out how RedAwning Hospitality will help you!

    Heather Richer

    Revenue Management Is More Than Just a Promotional Price.

    Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

    Dynamic pricing strategies in the short-term rental sector as we know them have changed. Travelers have more accommodation options than ever before and technological advancements to both the book and stay experience have reshaped consumer expectations and buying behavior. 

    Today’s revenue manager must understand that traditional rate adjustment strategies are no longer a viable form of promotion nor an effective revenue management approach in this saturated market. In other words, simply having the “right price” isn’t enough.

    Listing your inventory on major Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and on your own website has become an imperative component to a successful growth strategy  as these channels are no longer just ads showcasing your listings. They are the actual “shelf space” where customers decide to purchase. 

        Use Google Analytics to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Paid Marketing Campaigns

        Property Managers are eager to funnel potential guests to their own website instead of the OTAs. However this often means using paid advertising channels to get site visitors, and if not careful, a PM can end up paying more for a conversion than they would have paid in OTA commission. Using the tools available in Google Ads and Google Analytics, this webinar will look at:

        • Attempting to accurately measure the cost per conversion of a paid conversion. Understanding the limitations of incomplete data and the challenges of measuring multi-channel conversions.
        • Analyzing metrics like exit page, bounce rate, and mobile usage in Google Analytics to find opportunities for improved conversion rates.
        • Using Google Ads to improve targeting and reduce ineffectual spend.
        • Understanding how paid campaigns fit into the customer journey

        Webinar hosted by Cristin Barta, Paid Advertising Expert and Jason Albert, Marketing Project Manager.

          Winning at Airbnb and Vrbo: A Data-Driven Approach

          What if there was a better approach to maximizing your bookings on Airbnb and Vrbo? Leavetown/Jetstream COO, Emmanuel Lavoie gives a fun and engaging overview of the various strategies proven to help listing performance on both Airbnb and VRBO based on actual data sourced, and analyzed by the Jetstream analytics team. Jetstream, a RedAwning Group brand is a full-service marketing solution for managers of multi-unit vacation properties.

          Discover the “recipe for success” on Airbnb and Vrbo, gained through years of managing thousands of listings on these marketplaces including actionable items specifically tailored to RedAwning property managers. 


            List, Book and Manage Your Vacation Rental Properties with RedAwning’s Upgraded Smart Portal

            Did you know you can use RedAwning’s Smart Portal to view your reservations and payments, update pricing and content (including photos), set up your Amazon Smart Concierge, view reporting, and even create your own bookable website designed to help you drive direct bookings? 

            RedAwning’s Director of Account Operations, Travis Peterson, shows you how to get the most out of our free-to-use property manager dashboard and Portal. During this webinar, you will get a rundown of the many RedAwning Portal features and upgrades designed to help you manage and scale your business efficiently and effectively. 

            Cindy Brewster

            Introducing The New RedAwning TravelPro

            A Network of 15,000 + Travel Advisors Looking For Vacation Rentals Just Like Yours

            The travel agency industry in the United States is projected to generate 17.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020 (Statista). Despite the many online travel agencies and meta search sites designed to make the booking process accessible, travel agency revenue growth indicates that consumers still find value in working with a travel advisor. And this statistic doesn’t even reflect the enormous potential that advisors from outside of the United States represent.  

            Did you know that RedAwning has a B2B booking platform designed especially for use by Travel professionals? RedAwning TravelPro is a network of over 15,000 travel advisors–and growing– who are looking for instantly bookable, professionally managed alternative accommodations just like yours, and TravelPro provides them the instant access so you can get more bookings in a secure environment, while we pay their commission.

            How can you position your listings to appeal to the demographic these Travel Advisors are shopping on behalf of?  Who are they? What are they looking for? How can you stand out against the competition?

            Tim Choate RedAwning
            Susan Blizzard

            The New Google Channel | Everything You Need To Know

            Are your listings optimized for this new industry shakeup?

            Vacation Rentals are officially live on Google Hotel Search which means travelers are now able to filter for alternative accommodation listings just like yours by simply selecting the vacation rentals filter on Google’s search engine. Naturally, vacation rental managers and owners are left asking themselves How can I optimize my listings for maximum exposure on Google’s Hotel Search for Vacation Rentals?

            Join RedAwning’s CEO and Founder Tim Choate, and Susan Blizzard, the President of Blizzard Internet Marketing, A RedAwning Group Brand, for a tour of the brand new Google Search functionality that has taken the industry by storm. In this webinar you’ll discover how to get your listings maximum exposure on the Google search engine.

            Knowledge is Power

            Dominate the Market by Understanding Consumer Trends

            • What are your primary and opportunity markets?
            • What is the international tourism base in your region?
            • What are the most popular annual events in your community?
            • Where do most of your region’s visitors find and book their accommodations?

            Not sure? There are data sources all over the web, all free to use an easily accessible…if you know where to look. Join RedAwning’s VP of Market Development, Johnathan Robinson in his upcoming Under the Awning Webinar and find out how to find and use these ubiquitous (and cleverly hidden) data sources to strengthen your marketing efforts, drive bookings and grow your business.

            Jason Albert, Blizzard Internet Marketing

            10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business with Google Analytics

            • What keywords are attracting visitors to your site?
            • How often are visitors booking and if they’re not, why?
            • Are you familiar with the online behavior of prospective clients?
            • What about the ROI on your paid ad campaigns?

            Join Jason Albert, Project Manager & Cristin Barta, PPC Expert at Blizzard Internet Marketing, A RedAwning Group Brand for an informative webinar on how to use Google Analytics to source, analyze and implement the data you use to drive your marketing initiatives.


            Ramp Up Your Bookings During Shoulder Season

            Shoulder season can be a grind. Trying to fill beds, keep your owners happy with revenue coming in and working to fill gaps when activities in your destination slow down. It’s great when bookings are rolling in, but what happens when the seasons begin to change and the guests seem to vanish? Join Pamela Graves Longley, RedAwning’s Market Director of the North American Mountain/Ski Division and discover 10 things you can do right now to drive bookings during the off-season.

            Megan Gordon

            Going Above and Beyond in a GuestCentric Industry

            The marketplace is changing – OTAs already expect next level customer service and travelers value it more than ever. Join Redawning’s Manager of Guest Services and Reservations, Megan Turner to find out how your competitors are going above and beyond, how RedAwning can help you meet the rising expectations of OTAs and guests, and how going the extra mile may do wonders for your direct-booking rates.


            Insider Tips and Tricks:

            Get the Most Out of Your Partnership with RedAwning

            Travis will discuss the variety of options available to you to maximize your revenue and bookings with RedAwning, including photos, tags, amenities, minimum nights, and promotions. You’ll learn how to succeed on each of the channels we work with, and as well as how to think about your listings, and your business, in ways that will bring you more success with RedAwning.

            As someone who has worked with every property manager on the RedAwning platform, Travis is particularly equipped to answer any questions you might have for us – so please, come with questions!

            Heather Richer

            Manage Revenue for Maximum Bookings

            No matter what the unit type mix of your portfolio, there is always revenue management opportunity.

            Over 15 years of experience in the boutique hotel world with a specific focus on revenue management and distribution, Heather Richer, CMO of RedAwning Group, illustrates how to best understand price elasticity, apply rate strategies to your business model, and implement unit type dynamics.

            Standing Out in the Crowd

            The Photo Strategies of Top Performers

            Join Miyaka Cochrane and Eva Hadley to learn about photo and content strategies that will affect your conversions. Eye-catching images are your biggest asset when conveying your unique home on an OTA.

            Susan Blizzard

            Simple and Effective Ways to Optimize Your Google Ads

            We see too many companies spending far too much money for way too little returns in Google Ads!

            Vacation rental industry expert, Susan Blizzard to talks about how to maximize bookings, see where you are losing money, and improve your digital ad campaign performance.

            Susan shows you how to use paid search and our new Google-integrated products to maximize your impact and boost your bookings.

            Tim Choate

            RedAwning & Beyond: The Future of The Vacation Rental

            Find out what the future of the Vacation Rental can do for you.

            RedAwning CEO Tim Choate gives an overview of The RedAwning Group and how we’ve developed in the VR space.  In the last six months RedAwning has acquired Blizzard Internet Marketing and Leavetown Vacations (with its Jetstream technology), and we’ve formed innovative partnerships with Amazon, Google and eBay. What does this mean for you? A hint: revenue opportunities like you’ve never had before.