RedAwning Smart Portal

Control your reservations, guest information, property listings & more all in one place!

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The RedAwning Smart Portal is your FREE to use property management dashboard where you can control nearly everything that has to do with your vacation rental properties. Whether you are integrated via your own PMS or not integrated, the Smart Portal will give you the tools you need to:

  • Access your reservations and reservation data in real-time
  • Look up full contact information for all guests
  • Receive alerts if/when a listing is missing information based on specific channel requirements
  • View reporting on bookings and trends
  • Drag and drop photos and amenities for loading core information quickly
  • Display rates and availability and make quick price adjustments
  • Manage your upcoming reservations page that lists bookings, arrival dates, fees, and statuses
  • Turn all your core information into an instant website featuring your own brand – with one click

Check out our live demo and walkthrough of the many Redawning Smart Portal features and functionalities.

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