Standing Out in the Crowd

The Photo Strategies of Top Perfomers

Written by Jade Shojaee

Webinar by Miyaka Cochrane and Eva Hadley

What’s the secret to a winning Online Travel Agency (OTA) strategy? Photos, photos, photos! Studies show that online visuals have about 20 seconds to capture a shoppers attention. OTA’s are over-saturated with images all taken of the same couple’s suite from four different angles (yawn) or dingy, low-lit representations of what could have been a killer living area, kitchen etc. Your biggest opportunity to make your listings stand out are professional, eye-catching images. How you display your listing visually WILL affect your conversions.

According to a study done by FlipKey, travelers are 83% more likely to follow up on property listings that contain a large variety of professional quality photos. We know your home is the perfect place for OTA shoppers to spend their holiday vacations, summer breaks, corporate getaways and weekend staycations but are you giving your customers the chance to experience your cozy quarters before they ”book now”?

No, you can’t make your property listings smell like fresh bread, or play the sound of the waves as they coo outside the windows you personally curtained. But you can, and you should show your dedication to your property by putting your photos where your rates are. Quality photos show travelers that you care for your property and provide assurance that their stay will be as seamless and professionally managed as their browsing process. When you’re in the know, there’s no reason to cut corners.

A good picture is worth a thousand-word description and RedAwning has you covered. Let us bring the feeling of home to your online listings and increase your conversions with professional quality photography.

RedAwning’s Miyaka Cochrane and Eva Hadley have myriads of knowledge when it comes to photo strategies that increase conversions.  Watch their webinar and skyrocket your bookings today.

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