Easy Ways To Make More Money On Your Vacation Rental

Make Your Vacation Rental Pay For Itself in Bookings with The RedAwning Owner Program

Watch our webinar, hosted by Director of Business Development, James Tobkin for insight into how RedAwning’s complete marketing and hospitality services helped owners beat their revenue goals by up to 479% in 2020 and how we can help you hit the ground running.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to step up your property marketing game & get more exposure in the online travel space
  • Benefits of working with RedAwning including complimentary photography, in-home Alexa for
  • Hospitality devices, and listing optimization services
  • How RedAwning’s dynamic pricing strategies for setting (and adjusting) nightly rates are helping owners increase their earning by up to 30%
  • How working with one of our legendary Owner Success team members can make renting your second home safe and hassle free
  • Find out if you qualify to become a RedAwning Platinum owner
  • How our pricing & commissions model works
  • How RedAwning helps owners get more 5-star reviews by providing 24/7 guest services for guests
  • The most strategic cancellation policies proven to increase conversion ratios
  • What is involved in the onboarding process for new owners + how long it takes to get your listings up, running and generating revenue

New technology, increasing supply and the indestructible popularity of online travel agencies have changed the tactics vacation rental owners must deploy to stay competitive. RedAwning’s Platinum Owner Program is leading the way for North America-based homeowners looking for effective and cutting edge ways to stand out among the competition, maximize conversions and get the most out of every booking.

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