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Written by Jade Shojaee, Webinar by Cindy Brewster & Cari Stoltz

Think Travel Agents Have Gone Extinct? Think Again!

The travel agency industry in the United States is projected to generate 17.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020. Travel trends are changing with the times and it seems millennials have begun shaping the evolution of the market, making room for travel advisors (the modern nomenclature for travel agent) to make the comeback of a lifetime. And oh – they have, according to a report published by ASTA, 55 percent of millennials said they would be likely to hire a travel advisor to book and plan their trip.

What Do Your Vacation Rentals Have to Do With It?

Alternative accommodation demand continues to grow, creating an influx of travel advisors in need of commissionable vacation rentals they can recommend to their clients. This is where you come in!

In an attempt to satiate a growing market, RedAwning has recently refurbished its B2C booking platform designed especially for travel advisors looking to shop instantly bookable vacation rentals – YOUR instantly bookable vacation rentals.

Just by being part of the RedAwning network, your listings automatically appear in searches made by our network of over 15,000 travel advisors shopping for travel on The best part? When they book your listing, we pay their commissions. It’s a win win.

What Makes Travel Advisors Choose RedAwning TravelPro?

Redawning TravelPro gives travel advisors a platform on which they can search 100,000 + COMMISSIONABLE vacation listings in over 10,000 destinations. Every single reservation they place earns them a commission based on rental price and DOES NOT include taxes or other fees.

There really is nowhere else a travel advisor can find an inventory of commissionable, instantly bookable vacation rental listings and we work round the clock to help them discover, market and book the perfect rentals for their clients.

More Bookings, Less Work!
How often do you get inquiries from travel agencies looking for commissionable vacation rentals? Now you can say that you do!

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