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Going Above and Beyond in a GuestCentric Industry

What are your guests saying about you?

Written by Jade Shojaee, Webinar by Megan Turner

The marketplace is changing – OTAs like and Airbnb expect property managers listing on their sites to offer next-level customer service and, with all the competition out there, travelers value it more than ever. However, sometimes lines can get blurry.

  • What should you be expected to cover?
  • What is just asking way too much?
  • Where do you draw the line?
  • Where do you make an exception?

It’s important that you’re prepared for even the most outrageous situation so you can handle it gracefully because, let’s face it, word of mouth spreads like wildfire and one angry guest could deter 1,000 potential ones.

For example, what happens if a guest is outside of their cancellation date range but has recently been diagnosed with a terminal disease, has had a death in the family, or has heard about an upcoming hurricane or tornado in the area? Travel insurance is always strongly suggested however, OTAs like Airbnb expect their hosts to make accommodations when possible to keep the channel competitive. A last minute booking loss is never ideal but, you’d be surprised at the level of fanatical loyalty you can achieve by making an exception when a guest is most in need of one.

What about when a guest is able to complete their booking but runs into a precarious situation? The RedAwning Damage Waiver comes in very handy in these types of scenarios. If a guest accidentally damages something on your property, what is your MO?

  • Do you call them and demand the money?
  • Do you eat the cost and replace the damage out of your pocket?

Newsflash: you really shouldn’t need to do any of that! By asking your guest to pay an extra $50 to $80 a reservation on behalf of RedAwning, we automatically cover up to $3000 of unintentional damage to make sure that NO MATTER WHAT your guest’s post-stay experience is as seamless as the rest of their stay has (no doubt) been.

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Lake Tahoe Accommodations, one of RedAwning’s longest standing property management companies, has the right idea when it comes to going the extra mile for their guests, and their bookings reflect it.

Hear from them and from RedAwning’s Manager of Guest Services and Reservations, Megan Turner to find out how your competitors are going above and beyond, how RedAwning can help you meet the rising expectations of OTAs and guests, and how going the extra mile may do wonders for your direct bookings. The smallest gesture really does make the biggest difference.

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